Our Association Instructors have trained under the Chief Commanders,  Head Instructors and top Security Instructors of the Israeli Defense Forces for the past several years. The Chief Commander of the IDF for Krav Maga is in charge of ALL hand-to-hand combat taught within the entire Israeli Military.
Our Instructors have also trained with X-Pert Security, the top counter terrorism and tactical training instructors for the Elite Forces within the IDF.
Our Instructors are the best in the industry, and our affiliate schools are like family.
Our program is simple, devastatingly effective and modern. It incorporates the most advanced and proven training methods, developed and battle tested in the IDF.
We believe that training in Krav Maga will make you fitter, tougher and prepared to fight in all situations.
What we provide:
1. Instructor Certification
KMA will provide Instructor Certification courses taught by our elite instructor team headed by Marty Cale.
2. Advanced Instructor Training and Professional Development
KMA will provide its instructors with the opportunity to train in instruction and prepare them for advancement in the Krav Maga system by running official training events and instructor updates. These events are taught exclusively by our elite instructor team.
3. Specialist Instructor Courses
KMA will conduct specialist instructor courses certifying Military, Law Enforcement, VIP Protection, Counter-Terrorism and Israeli Combat Shooting instructors. These courses will be conducted by our elite instructor team with first hand knowledge from our elite training in Israel.
4. Training Programs
KMA will provide instructors with the most advanced training programs, methods and curriculum. This training program is continuously developed by our elite instructor team with unrivaled experience making it even more devastatingly effective, practical, and powerful.
5. Standards of Instruction and Training
KMA acts as a governing body and maintains the interests and reputation of the organization, affiliated instructors and schools. We train, support and oversee KMA instructors to ensure that they are the best in the business.
6. Network
KMA is a family. Instructors joining our ranks become part of an elite network of Krav Maga Instructors, which offers support, connections and professional guidance.
7. Knowledge
KMA is the source of knowledge on the forefront of Krav Maga and fighting. We channel knowledge and experience from the IDF  instructors. We present this knowledge to KMA instructors through regular training events, curriculum updates and online instructor training videos.
8. Marketing and Promotion
KMA affiliates may use the KMA logo and name for the purpose of promoting their business. KMA affiliates receive a marketing packet, which is constantly updated with videos, templates, logos and more. The use of KMA materials is restricted to KMA affiliates ONLY.
9. Credibility and Reputation
In a world that is saturated with Krav Maga instructors, the KMA instructor team stands apart. Our years of experience in Krav Maga and our experience training with the Commanders and Head Instructors of the IDF is second to none. Very few Krav Maga instructors today can claim that they are trained by the same instructors who certify the Krav Maga trainers in the Israel Military.
What we expect:
1. Meet professional standards as set by the KMA Chief instructor
• KMA affiliated instructors will be dedicated to continuously maintain and develop their personal skills in technique, fighting and fitness.
• They will maintain a regular training regiment as befitting Krav Maga instructors who are the industry leaders in their field.
• They will attend annual instructor update training to maintain certification levels.
2. Operate within the Boundary of their Certification
• Instructors will not certify other Krav Maga instructors
• Instructors will not assess students to a level beyond what their certification allows.
• Instructors will not teach Krav Maga specialist subjects to organizations for which they have not attained the relevant training and certification (military, law enforcement etc.) This is to protect the standard and professional reputation of KMA and its affiliates .
3. Represent KMI with integrity
KMA instructors will always represent the organization with respect and integrity, acting in a manner which is in line with the best interest of the organization.
4. Grading
Instructors will train and assess students in accordance with the KMA curriculum, standards and protocols providing them ONLY with OUR Official KMA diplomas for their achievement.