Lauren Rhea

Associate Member

Realtor Self Defense:  I opened my current full-time school while working as a licensed mortgage loan originator and have a very in-depth understanding of what threats RE Agents face.  I’ve also taught group self-defense classes for many other service industry professionals (educators, law enforcement, first responders…etc)

US Army:  I served for 30 years as US Army Reserve Officer and have conducted more range operations than I can remember.  This includes pistols, M4, M-60 through M1A1 tank gunnery ranges.  I retired in 2017 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office:  I served for 6 years as a reserve and then full-time certified police officer for a department with 300 certified patrol officers in a metropolitan area with a population of just over three hundred thousand people.  I served as a weapons and combatives instructor for 4 of those years.

US Department of Energy: I served as a Security Inspector for 8 years at the DOE nuclear facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and attended two levels of SRT (SWAT) training in Tennessee and Colorado.  Several small local Sheriff’s Departments used my team for high-risk warrant execution.  For six years I was a weapons and tactics instructor at the level 1 SRT academy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Security Guard Training:  I served for three years as the Vice President, Chief Operating Officer for a regional security guard corporation that employed over 1200 guards in 9 states.  I obtained a GSA Schedule for the corporation and completely re-structured the corporate training program for all personnel from guards through regional managers.

Church Security Training:  I am currently serving as the Assistant Director of Safety and Security for a large church.  We average 1200-1300 at each of three services every Sunday and numerous special services throughout the week and month.  We are currently in the planning process for opening a second campus somewhere in the Mississippi/Alabama area.

Marion Military Institute:  Served three years as the Assistant Commandant of Cadets at a Military Junior College that sent cadets to all major military academies.  One requirement was the coordinating of two active shooter training events and drill each year.

Martial Arts

6th Degree WTF TKD

4th Degree Chuck Norris (promoted to 1st degree by Chuck Norris)

2nd Degree Hap Ki Do

2nd Degree Judo

Level 1 Krav Maga (Krav Maga Force) Instructor